‘We didn’t have the option to say yes or no’: OU student reflects on underground world of sex trafficking

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Anthony Palmer remembered few of the 12 hours before waking up at home on a dingy mattress lying on the floor. Sore and feeling the stark aftereffects of an amphetamine high, he was impervious to the mountains of trash, and the stench of gin and poor hygiene in his home.

His only recollections of the past several hours were entering a room in a run-down motel where he was met by a strange, middle-aged man. “I’ve got to go home soon to my kids, so let’s make this quick,” the man said before Palmer lost consciousness.

At age 16, Palmer spent six months as a part of one of the cruelest and most underreported industries in the world — child sex trafficking. Now Palmer is a College of Fine Arts freshman at OU and ready to share his story.

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