Baker Mayfield’s journey marked with bravado, humility and one big leap of faith

NEW ORLEANS — Less than a week after Oklahoma defeated Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, Baker Mayfield packed up his things in his home near Austin, Texas, to pursue a life-long dream of being the Sooners’ starting quarterback.

The trek from Austin to Norman is nearly six hours, but his journey was lengthened even further by snow — giving him plenty of time to think about what he calls his greatest leap of faith.

“(The snow) was brutal. I was with my mom and it was snowing. That’s really what I remember,” Mayfield said. “Once we finally got there it was almost the wee hours of the morning. I checked into the hotel and within the next couple days I enrolled in classes.

“Taking a chance to drive up to Oklahoma just my mom and I to enroll in classes as a normal student knowing that I couldn’t talk to anybody in the athletic department, it was interesting to say the least.”

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